DMS ink is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise and a Woman Owned Business Enterprise. As such, one of our goals is to help provide opportunities for other diverse companies.



Partner Inclusion

We are a diverse company who has benefited from other forward-thinking companies’ supplier diversity initiatives. Because of these initiatives, we have been invited to the table and allowed to fairly compete, with larger, well-established vendors. Our ability to be agile and responsive—and to provide reliable new solutions, fresh ideas, and alternative perspectives—have earned our partnerships with a broad range of companies.

This inclusion has enabled us to grow as a company, provide for a larger workforce, and have a greater impact on our communities. It has also fostered a sense of competition and innovation among our industry competitors—growing our industry’s overall capabilities, growing the economy, and ensuring our country’s ability to compete and excel in a global market.


Why a Diverse Supply Chain?

Having a larger, diversified supply chain can help to mitigate the risks that heavy dependence on a small supplier list exposes companies to—creating redundancies, and reducing the likelihood of unnecessary, unplanned expenditure.

Small and diverse businesses typically provide excellent value, are creative and innovative, and can provide a customer focus beyond what larger firms can offer. This close and relationship provides a significant competitive advantage.

Offering a project to a diverse range of suppliers can provide access to specialized skills, lead to the development of more innovative ideas and multidimensional insight. Working with diverse suppliers can provide a deeper understanding of a broader range customers and access to new markets that have been hard to reach.


Impact of Supplier Diversity

Shifting Demographics are driving much of the realization that inclusion and supplier diversity are good for business and our ability to compete in a global economy. Women-owned companies have increased by more than 20% over the past three years. Almost half of the population of the U.S. will be African-American, Hispanic, or Asian-American by the middle of this century. Demographic shifts in the Unities States have resulted in more minority-owned businesses, more minorities in the workforce, and larger minority market segments.

Diverse sourcing provides a cyclical value: as organizations do business with diverse suppliers, those suppliers become more sustainable and able to attract diverse talent. That translates into higher employment, higher wages, and expendable income within their communities. That, in turn, means increased buying power, brand loyalty, and a stronger economy.


Diverse Suppliers Welcome!

At DMS ink, we are looking for all types of vendors to help us remain competitive and strengthen the core of our business. We strive to include diverse supply partners in our bid competitions. We want suppliers who will bring the same kind of commitment, passion, flexibility, creativity, and strength that we aim to provide our business partners.


What is a Diverse Supplier?

A diverse supplier is defined as a privately held, United States company that is 51% owned and operated by a woman, minority, veteran or person with a disability. The following categories make up our supplier diversity list: Women, African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native American, Native Alaskan, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, LGBTQ Business Owners, People with Disabilities, and Small Disadvantaged Businesses.


Join our Database

Register with us as a diverse supplier. Contact us for details on how to be included!

Please Contact Jim Hoffman, Vice President of Business Development or call 937-222-5056.